Kratom FAQ's

What is the Kratom tree?

Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a medicinal leaf harvested from the Rubiaceae tree family (the coffee tree is also in this family). Kratom typically grows in wet, humid, tropical floral regions in Indochina. Tree size generally averages about 12ft high, but can grow as high as 40 ft.

Where is Kratom from?

Kratom is found native to Southeast Asia in the floristic regions of Indochina and Malaysia.

What are the kratom effects?

Depending on dosage and strain, effects can range from an enhanced sense of self, euphoria, dreamlike states, intensified senses, tedious work becomes enjoyable, as well as being a natural pain reliever. In small doses, Kratom becomes a stimulant that induces a euphoric high and lessens physical fatigue (3-5 grams). In medium doses, Kratom is a sedative that instills a stronger sense of euphoria and sleepiness (15-25 grams). While still in larger doses, users describe the feeling as profoundly euphoric, dream like, with closed eye visions, similar but not as intense to Salvia (25-50 grams). Over 25 alkaloids have been isolated from Kratom; the principle one being mitragynine, an indole alkaloid superficially resembling yohimbine (Found in Yohimbe bark), traditionally used to promote relaxation or support a healthy sex life. Additionally, Mitragyna speciosa contains alkaloids thought beneficial to the immune system and lowering blood pressure, as well as powerful antioxidants.

Where can I read about kratom experiences and kratom reviews?

You will find kratom experiences in full detail on as well as read Kratom reviews from people who have used it from all over the world.

How to use Kratom?

Traditionally, the leaves of kratom are grinded and eaten, and usually followed by drinking warm water, tea or coffee. The leaves themselves can also be made into a tea, chased with a bit of honey to cover up the earthy taste. Resin extractions can be smoked. Due to the nature of their high potency resin extractions would be the best method if you want to smoke kratom. Tinctures are also done, but not as common, and can be added to just about anything you are about to drink.

Should I buy Kratom seeds, kratom leaf, Kratom tea, kratom extract, kratom capsules or kratom capsules, kratom resin, or kratom tincture?

We recommend you buy kratom leaves, kratom capsules, and kratom extract. All our available in our online store.

What is kratom 15x extract?

Kratom 15x extract is the powdered form of the extracted leaves. Pure 15x requires 15lbs of Kratom be extracted down to just 1 pound. The result, as you can imagine, is a very strong product. The fine powder resembles baby powder or corn starch in consistency.

What is the kratom resin extract?

Kratom resin is produced by boiling down kratom leaves in water until a thick, sticky substance remains.

Are kratom capsules and kratom caps the same thing?

Yes, caps are slang for capsules.

Who would you say is the best kratom vendor?

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Where is the best place to buy kratom?

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And what is the most potent kratom?

In Thailand, the slang term is - “Maeng Da,” or what loosely translates to “Pimp’s Grade,” or “Pimp Kratom.” Maeng Da is the most potent strain of Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, which, up until recently was grown exclusively in Thailand, but now can be found in Bali, Malaysia, and even the United States. Maeng Da has a pungent odor and is a brilliant green color.

The Maeng Da leaf is naturally very strong and should be consumed responsibly. A healthy dosage is between 1 and 2 grams. To put this into perspective, you will find similar effects to 25- 50 gram dose of typical Bali Kratom. Be warned: This is pure grade shit; nausea and stomach pains have been side effects to over-enjoying the Maeng Da strain.

Although many websites suggest the Maeng Da strand has been genetically enhanced, there is absolutely no evidence of biological manipulation. A more likely event is that the strongest Kratom trees were hand selected and procured in Thailand over generations to prolong the existence of this world-class leaf.

Who has the best online kratom shop?

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What can one expect when buying kratom online?

The Kratomix online buying experience is the simple and most fluid way to get it. Kratomix has the highest quality kratom extracts and blends for sale. Every now and then we have a kratom sale to show appreciation for our customers who continuously order kratom.

Is this wild kratom or grown in a green house?

Our strains are all grown naturally outdoors under their most natural conditions. The same Kratom experience indigenous tribes had can now be enjoyed by you and your friends in the comfort of your own home.

What is the recommended dosage of kratom?

Oral Kratom Dosages (dried leaf)
Enhanced (Extract Added)
Threshold 1 gram
Light 1-2 grams
Common 2-3 grams
Strong 3-6 grams

Oral Kratom Dosages (dried leaf)
Super Grade
Threshold 1-2 grams
Light 2-4 grams
Common 3-5 grams
Strong 4-8 grams

Oral Kratom Dosages (dried leaf)
Premium Grade
Threshold 2-4 grams
Light 3-5 grams
Common 4-10 grams
Strong 8-15 grams

Oral Kratom Dosages (dried leaf)
Low Potency (very uncommon as of 2008)
Threshold 3-7 grams
Light 5-10 grams
Common 10-20 grams
Strong 20-50 grams

Onset : 5-15 minutes
Duration : 2-5 hours
Normal After Effects : 3-6 hours

Is there different kratom extract dosage?

Yes, it’s important before taking any large amounts of extract to see what your comfort level is and poceed with caution.

What are the effects of kratom at these dosages?

Strong euphoria, speediness, dreamlike states, and the closed eye visions. Strong dosages can also make you fall asleep and entirely miss the experience.

What are side effects of kratom?

If used occasionally (like once a month, not every day!) and responsibly, the average kratom user will find virtually no side effects.

Is there any kratom side effects at all?

Consumption of Kratom does have possible side effects such as nausea, constipation, sleep problems, and temporary erectile dysfunction. Extensive use can cause some problems such as insomnia, anorexia, weight loss, darkening of skin, and dry mouth.

Can one go through kratom withdrawl?

If taken occasionally, no. If an every day user, yes, but the withdrawal is about less severe than going a day without a cup off coffee. Your body will notice it’s not getting kratom and send messages to your body in the form of a headache or constipation. By day two, your body generally won’t miss kratom anymore.

Where can I buy kratom plants or a kratom tree?

Many online florists who specialize in exotic plants should be able to help you out.You can get live kratom plants from many places online. Many online florists who specialize in exotic plants should be able to help you out.

What is the difference between Thai kratom, Bali kratom, Indonesian kratom, Malaysian kratom?

Thai = More energy
Bali = More of a mellow feeling
Malaysian = Both
Indo = More mellow like Bali

Where to buy kratom wholesale?

You can purchase bulk kratom from Kratomix.

Where to buy bulk kratom?

You can purchase wholesale kratom from Kratomix. We sell kratom bulk packages as well as retail kratom. We have kratom 10x, kratom 20x, kratom 30x, kratom 40x, kratom 50x, kratom 60x, kratom 70x, and kratom 80x, even 250x kratom.

What is uei kratom? or kratom uei?

UEI stands Ultra Enhanced Indonesian. Ulra Enhanced Indonesian, begins with premium bali kratom leaf which is finely powdered. It has been carefully standardized and is enhanced with a generous helping of ultra-pure Kratom alkaloid.

Is there any information regarding kratom addiction or getting addicted to kratom?

Yes, if you feel you have become addicted to Kratom please consult someone licensed in handling addictions.

What are kratom connoisseurs?

An online provider of Kratom.

Is there a kratom wiki page?


Is there a kratom high?

Yes. The Kratom experience leaves the user with feelings of euphoria, dream-like or closed eye visuals, music becomes more enjoyable, has painkilling qualities (good for headaches) and the tendency to ease hard labour are all qualities of using Kratom.

Can one smoke the kratom herb?

You can smoke the kratom herb, but there are no benefits to smoking it in comparison to using it in tea or chewing the leaves. Also with lower grades you will find yourself trying to smoke several grams.

How does kratom compare to kava kava?

Kava Kava has a more stoning, sedative experience. In the late 90's, Kava Kava was one of the most widely used herbs for recreational purposes in the world. Use has since dwindled true to reports of irreparable liver damage associated with taking Kava Kava.

What is the kratom forest?

An online provider of Kratom.

What is the cheapest kratom?

If you are looking to get kratom from the best kratom source, then you are in the right place.

When are the next series of kratom sales going to happen?

We are always running specials, ease check the homepage to see what kind of amazing savings you will find today!

Is there a such thing as liquid kratom?

Yes, and it's available through

What is liquid kratom extract?

Liquid Kratom extract is similar to a tincture in that liquid is used to extracting the crucial alkaloids that give Kratom it’s wonderful effects.

Is it beneficial to use kratom for opiate withdrawl?

Although not an opiate itself, Kratom has been used to alleviate or completely block opiate withdrawal symptoms, naturally.

Is there anything similar to kratom herbs?

Not entirely, but you may find qualities of the Kratom experience in other all natural legal and illegal substances like kava kava, marijuana, opium, spice, and salvia.

Is kratom legal? What is the legality of kratom?

In the Americas and across Europe, kratom is a perfectly legal herb to procure and consume. It's legal in most countries all over the world with the exception of Australia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.

How to make kratom tea? Basic Kratom Tea Recipe:

The following is a basic recipe for making kratom tea. This recipe makes enough tea for 2 medium-strength doses.

1.) Take 20 grams (1/2 ounce) of dried, crushed kratom leaves (or powder) and put into a pot. To this add 1/2 liter of water.
2.) Boil very gently for 15 minutes. (if you boil on a very high heat, you will bring out the bitterness of the leaf).
3.) Pour the tea through a strainer into a bowl and reserve the liquid. (squeeze the leaves in the strainer to get most of the liquid out).
4.) Put the leaves back in the pot and add another liter of fresh water. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
(after the leaves have been strained a second time, they can be discarded, or you can eat them to ensure you don't miss out of any vital alkaloids.)
5.) Put the combined liquid from both boiling's back into the pot and boil until the volume is reduced to about 100ml - enough for 2 medium strength servings.
If you don't like the taste of the kratom tea, boil it down to a very small volume, then gulp quickly and follow with some of your favorite juice (we prefer grapefruit juice). If you want to give this a little extra kick, add a couple of grams of Kratom 15x to the final boil.

Kratom Tea Storage:
Your Kratom Tea can be refrigerated for 5-7 days, You can freeze or add alcohol to store large batches for longer periods. When freezing, store in large plastic bottles (not glass) and close with a cap. We recommend freezing kratom tea in small plastic bottle (recycle your water bottles) and then removing from the freezer as and when you need them. If you freeze large containers of tea, you will need to de-frost the entire container prior to drinking. If you prefer to add alcohol (80 proof such as Vodka or Rum) add 1 part Alcohol to 3 parts Kratom Tea.

Is dried kratom the way to go?

Dried Kratom leaves are perfect for use in teas. Simply add the leaves to boiling water, steep, strain and pour.

How do I know the proper kratom dose?

You may want to refer to the chart we have provided, but also a lot of the dosage will depend on the person. Kratomix suggests that you take a few grams to get started. Kratom is known for its quick reaction time, you should feel its effects in under 10 minutes. Gauge how you feel after 20 minutes and take more if you feel comfortable. As always proceed with caution.

Enjoy Repsonsibly: Do not operate heavy machinery, or, vehicles while under the influence Kratom. If you are an expecting mother under no circumstances should you consume Kratom while pregnant. Kratom should not be taken in combination with any prescribed or unprescribed drugs. Please consult a physician before using if you have a heart condition or any issues with blood pressure.

Which is the strongest kratom?

The Maeng Da strain of Kratom is the strongest natural variety known to man.

Where can I buy kratom cheap?

If you are looking to get kratom from the best kratom source, then you are in the right place.

Where can I buy kratom pills?

If you are looking to get kratom from the best kratom source, then you are in the right place.

What is the average kratom capsules dosage?

Depending on the size of the capsule, the strength, and the desired effect the dosage varies from one to fifty grams.

What is kratom full spectrum tincture?

The full spectrum of alkaloids present in Kratom have been isolated, purified into its most potent form, creating the very essence of the Kratom experience in just a few drops. It takes 150 grams of kratom leaf to make one standard 2ml bottle of Kratom Full Spectrum Tincture. Use sparingly.

Where can I post my kratom experience?

Kratomix would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to post your Kratomix story in our comments section.

Is there any kratom withdrawl symptoms?

The key to Kratom, or any other substance for that matter, is to not develop a daily habit. For the occasional user, there are virtually no withdrawal symptoms. Prolonged usage over many years can result in mild withdrawal symptoms such as muscle aches, irritability, headaches, runny nose, diarrhea and muscle spasms.

Where to buy kratom locally

With the exception of, Kratom isn't widely available in the United States. Adult novelty or head shops may be your best bet in scoring some locally. Although if your local shop doesn't supply Kratomix, we can't guarantee it will match Kratomix quality blends and extracts.

What is red vein kratom?

Red vein kratom is the most known variety of kratom. The red vein is known for its mellowing effect and it is usually combined with green vein kratom leaf which supplies a stronger more speedier experience. Thai labourers and modern users alike enjoy chewing on both red vein and green vein kratoms simultaneously or one right after the other.

What is the proper kratom 15x dosage?

15x is a heavily concentrated blend. 1-2 grams is sufficient.